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    Capture in real time the different stages of the game and make the most of every meeting to improve your teams performances


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    After the capture, consult and analyse your teams statistics in real time


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    Before each match, or during half time, let your players know the positive and negative points of the match. Make real time adjustments with the help of precise statistics

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Unlimited match captures to help you get used to the scanFoot application.


scanFoot brings you reliable measures (statistics) from the observed teams, players. Those figures are designed for

  • improving the game from statistics delivered to Football Clubs, Coaches and Players from any local football club to the most famous teams
  • sharing game analysis between Fans, Player Agents and Soccer Reporters
  • or even helping on-line betting

To ease the learning curve with scanFoot, the spotting is free and unlimited. It grants you access to a first set of 49 statistics, directly on your iPad app!



With scanFoot, enable factual analysis and share with any kind of football stakeholders!

With scanFoot (scanball) the experience of
  • 30 years dedicated in analyzing professional football teams (such as the Japan Football Association teams, the French Olympique de Marseille or Paris Saint-Germain) and major French mass media (TF1, L’Equipe, France Football, Sud Ouest…)
  • through more than 5700 matches over 4 WC, 3 UEFA European Football Championships, 3 CAF Africa Cup of Nations tournaments and hundreds of the French premier’s league
  • you will be able to provide home-made statistics is brought into your hands!


Clubs, Trainers, Press, Websites, Media R. Denoueix (Nantes, Real Sociedad), F. Antonetti (Bastia), P. Bergues (Lens), R. Domenech (Espoirs), L. Fernandez (Paris-SG), G. Houillier (Espoirs, Liverpool), B. Lacombe (Lyon), G. Lacombe (Guingamp), R. Lemerre (Espoirs), R. Nouzaret (St-Étienne, Bastia), A. Perrin (Troyes, Marseille), G. Stephan (Lyon), P. Troussier (Japon, Marseille), C. Pignol

What do the pros say ?

With scanFoot we instantly have objective information, to commentate the match both collectively and individually. These concrete elements give us better arguments relating to our gameplay and to our fixed objectives. Last but not least with the video and its ease of use, we can quickly get a overview of a player or of the team, which gives an efficient summary of the match. 

Raynald Denoueix Coach at FC Nantes and Real Sociedad

For many years Michel Ebé has let us discover, or rediscover, football under a fundamental light. The statistical study brings this team game back to its basic truth, knowing the relationships that knit together the team members on the field. Who does what ? Where, and how ? Raynald Denoueix said one day : « A player, that's expensive. Another player, that's expensive. But the relationship between two players, that is priceless !. «  By his original work that he does to a high degree of precision, Michel Ebé reminds us that the number one sport on the planet is much more a story of human relationships than a story of big money. By watching a local team in the same way as he watches the biggest team in the world, its always the same spirit that he shares with us and the same story that he tells us. Statistics at the ready .

Denis Chaumier  Former editorial director of France Football Author of the biography of Rudi Garcia : “All roads lead to Rome“

I give thanks to Michel Ebe (scanball), because he is one of the people who has created expert statistical analysis contributing to a better understanding of collective and individual performances in our sport . Arsène Wenger Arsenal Coach